What has surprised you most about working with the Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide?

I truly feel blessed and very much at home working for Ogilvy’s Social Change Division out of Washington, D. C. I thought working for a large PR company with a reputation like Ogilvy’s, I’d be working with a lot of snobby people. On the contrary, I found my new colleagues to be super smart yet humble; super talented yet always interested in everyone’s success, not just one person.

What sorts of trends do you see in your field?

In addition to the whirlwind of ever-changing digital media and the 24-hour news cycle, there’s a growing trend toward corporate social responsibility – the unwritten contract between business and society to operate responsibly, give back to communities, protect the environment, and treat employees fairly. Thus, more and more PR firms are helping business, government and nonprofit agencies live up to this contract through transparency and open communication with their stakeholders.

Why do you choose to support the Junior League of Arlington as a Community Advisor?

I only get involved with organizations that are socially responsible. The organization’s mission has to match my core values of giving back, affecting positive change, being purpose-driven. Before I became a community advisor, I did a lot of research on the organization. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Junior League was fighting against domestic violence; helping children and families in need. In addition, being able to serve with others who care about our community is invaluable to me. Junior League brings of all races and ethnicities together for the common good. We are our brother’s keeper.

What has been your biggest epiphany: the moment of life-defining change that shaped you into the person you are today?

Working for my Senior Pastor, the late Rev. Norman L. Robinson, 22 years ago, I learned that one person really can make a huge difference. He was an ordinary man whom God used to accomplish extraordinary things. God gave him the vision, and helped it come to pass. I didn’t expect to play an essential role in implementing his visions, and I didn’t know that it would soon change my life forever. I am still living the lessons I learned at his feet: one person’s obedience to God can make a huge impact on the world.


What do you do when you aren’t working or volunteering?

This is a terrible question for me because I’m always doing one or the other. My work and volunteering have always been part of fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. So, when you ask, what am I doing when I’m not doing those things? I’m resting up, so I’ll have enough energy to get back to it.